A custom training plan from Finish Stronger offers athletes a more independent approach to race training. This option still offers a highly customized training regimen, but allows the athlete the flexibility of executing in a less monitored environment.

Training cycles for this format begin the same way as a custom coaching cycle, with an in person or phone meeting to discuss goals, training style and lifestyle. From there a customized calendar is built to run from the start of the training cycle through race day. Bi-weekly scheduled check ins allow for athletes to ask questions, discuss plan alterations or chat about concerns in their training. As with all plans from Finish Stronger, athletes are always welcome and encouraged to reach out between check ins with any questions, concerns or triumphs.

The goal with this approach is to offer the athlete independence, while still fostering a strong athlete/coach relationship and maintaining communication where the athlete feels it is beneficial. As a coach, my mission in these plans is to empower my athletes to push themselves while allowing them the freedom to be accountable to their own goals. I am there for structure and guidance and to ultimately get my runners to the finish line feeling their absolute strongest.

Plans typically run 12-16 weeks depending on distance.


Marathon (16 weeks): $250 per plan

Half Marathon (12 weeks): $175 per plan

10k/5k (12 weeks): $150/125 per plan

Custom Distances: Please Inquire