Custom coaching is the most hands on and dynamic type of training offered by Finish Stronger. Through weekly and daily communication, this plan focuses on cultivating a strong relationship between athlete and coach. Following an initial in person or phone meeting to discuss goals, training style and lifestyle, a web based weekly plan is shared between athlete and coach. Structure and paces are specific to the race, the goal and the athlete's abilities and adjusted weekly based on feedback from the athlete.

This level of customization and communication allows for an extremely fluid and personalized training cycle. As a coach, my mission is always to push my athletes to realize their full potential and to inspire confidence in their training and racing. Above and beyond performance, the primary goal for every athlete is to foster a strong relationship based on trust and to finish every race feeling stronger than they ever have.  

Plans typically run 12-16 weeks depending on the distance.


Marathon: $140/month

Half Marathon: $115/month

10k/5k: $100/$75 month

Custom Distances: Please Inquire